DirectX Happy Uninstall

DirectX Happy Uninstall(DHU) is a powerful management tool for Microsoft DirectX. Using DHU, you can BACKUP, RESTORE, DISC-ROLLBACK, and FULL INSTALL DirectX. A correct DirectX is necessary in your computer.

1. Sometimes a damaged DirectX cannot be repaired without removing entirely first.

2. Ditto for rolling back to previous DirectX version / uninstalling upgrade / cleaning up after a messy update / etc.

Above can and has held true for various MS / Windows components over the years…esp. those with no uninstall option and/or that do not completely remove everything even when offering uninstall.

This is proven by the bountiful proliferation and success of products like DirectX remover, ieradicator, litepc, vlite, dial-a-fix, etc.

Att. Prospective Flamers– notice i say “sometimes”.

Yeah, MOTO’s… if you remove IE you can’t browse, if you remove Windows you can’t compute…

A freeware alternative to this has existed for years now… although it hasn’t been updated for a long time…

Support OS Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 x86 Edtion.

Support DX DirectX 10.0
BACKUP feature can help you BACKUP current DirectX so that can be RESTORED when you need.

RESTORE feature can help you RESTORE DirectX form Previous BACKUP.
DISC-ROLLBACK feature can help you ROLLBACK original DirectX from WINDOWS SETUP DISC.

FULL INSTALL feature can help you FULL INSTALL the latest DirectX to your Windows XP SP2(+) and Windows Server 2003 SP1(+).

More Features, please download and try DirectX Happy Uninstall.


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